About Us

SweeTums Tasty Delight is our family business established in 2019. Together with the family, we run this business from a fully equipped kitchen in our humble home, where we prepare and cook sumptuous dishes and a wide variety of great tasting food. All our ingredients are of the highest quality and always fresh from the market. This is how we ensure that our time-tested family recipes are strictly followed, and each and every dish on our menu lives up to our own and our customer's expectations. We started by selling desserts and made to order food to our office mates, friends and relatives since 1997. Due to increased demand and popularity, we hope to continue our proud tradition of serving only the best. We look forward to sharing with you our flavorful dishes that have delighted our family for generations.

Baked Macaroni - Original recipe since 1992 made of rich tomato sauce mixed with ground beef and topped with melted cheese

Baked Beef Lasagna - Pasta sauce made of rich diced tomatoes mixed with ground beef and layered with 4 types of cheese

Roasted Chicken - Marinated chicken in 3 special sauce mixed with 3 kinds of herbs and spices served with side dish of your choice

Grilled Pork Tenderloin - Marinated pork tenderloin grilled in butter and best served with mashed potato

Baked Sushi - Quarantine meal made of Japanese rice topped with kani and best partnered with nori

Cheesecake - Three layered component either baked or chilled dessert made of high-quality cream cheese with dense and smooth texture

Our Location

Don Antonio Heights Q.C.

Don Antonio, Quezon City, 1127 Metro Manila, Philippines


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